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"Stand Up"- various artists - benefit for Ukrainian Refugees tracking and mixing

Wendy Waldman- (forthcoming) tracking and mixing

Rooster RA - (forthcoming) mixing

Mietek Szczesniak  - Nierownie tracking and mixing

The Refugees - "Christmas Single"  tracking and mixing

ETC - (forthcoming) mixing

Storeytime -   tracking and mixing

Julia Fordham -  tracking and mixing

Lady A.M. -  mixing and mastering

Koryna- "Roses" tracking vocals and mixing

Cletus - "Wiggle for Me" mixing

The Corvairs - (forthcoming) engineering

Shyboy - (forthcoming)  engineering

Walker - (forthcoming) producing, writing, mixing

Rebekah Del Rio/Sergio De Karlo - (forthcoming) engineering, mixing 

Patti Sokol -"Neverland" single producing, writing, mixing

Karen Rubyn- (forthcoming) writing, producing, engineering, mixing 

Teresa Thomas - (forthcoming) engineering, mixing 

Deborah Lantorno - (forthcoming) engineering, mixing

Charlotte Sabina - EP producing, engineering, mixing  

Wambui - EP producing, engineering, mixing

Patti Sokol -"Naked" single producing, writing, mixing 

Dave Tucker - In Kind album engineering, mixing

Asta - (forthcoming) producing, mixing 

Poland...Why Not Compilation - producing, writing, engineering, mixing

  Slawek Uniatowski  "Stay" #2 at radio, "All My Life"
  Patricia Kazadi "Hold Me Now", "Waiting"
  Julka B "Good Girl", "Hallelujah"
  Marcin Czyzewksi "Take the Night"
  Kasia Popowska "It Was You"
  Mietek Szczesniak "Dreamer in You", "Never be the Same"
  Iwona Kompala "Debonair"
  Mario Szaban "I Shoud've Seen You Coming"
  Why Not  "Tonight"

Melissa Moshe - (forthcoming) mixing

Susyn Timko - engineering, programming, mixing

Rebekah Del Rio - Love Hurts, Love Heals album producing, writing, engineering, mixing 

H2 - EP engineering, mixing, mastering 

Lisa Haley and the Zydecats - Joyride album mixing, engineering

Mietek Szczesniak - Signs album mixing, writing, producing, guitar, programming

Mietek Szczesniak - "Rzeczy zmieniają się" single mixing, engineering

The Refugees - Three album engineering, mixing 

​NYCO - (forthcoming) producing, engineering, mixing

Thia Sexton - mixing

Rooster RA - High Heel Rokets album mixing

The Randies - Number Three producing, engineering, mixing 

Big Mav  - “I Wanna Be With You" mixing

Craig Lyons - On Reflection album mixing
Ronan Tynan  2 albums forthcoming mixing
Godhead - At The Edge of the World mixing
Caitlin Moe - "Siren Song" writing, producing, engineering, mixing
Katie Costello - Kaleidoscope Machine album  producing, writing, engineering, programming
Shoshana Bean - Superhero mixing, producing
Alexandra Monir - (forthcoming ) Epic producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Matthew Kennedy - (forthcoming ) mixing
Caitlin Moe -"Siren Song" single  producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Katie Costello -"Kaleidoscope Machine" single producing, engineering, mixing
The Refugees - Unbound album  engineering, mixing
The Refugees - "Compass Point" single  engineering, mixing
Global One - "Lately" EMI producing, engineering, mixing
Bajm - single out on Poland EMI producing, engineering, mixing
Sonia - "I Found A Place"  producing, engineering, mixing
Jesse Z - (forthcoming)  mixing
Lidia Kopana  - "I Come Alive" EMI  writing
October  - 6 songs from their debut album EMI producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Chelsea Lena - "Body in This Bed", "You Can't Tell Me"  producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Sara Haze  - songs from EP  producing, writing, engineering, mixing
24 E - (forthcoming) Jupiter  producing, engineering, mixing
Holly Brook/Skylar Grey - "All Will Be Forgotten" WB  writing
The Randies - Saw the Light  Elicit  producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Blanca Apodaca - EP Elicit  producing, engineering, mixing
Ruut - Sweet October  Elicit  producing, writing, engineering, mixing, programming
Britney Christian - "Milk Rocks" Jingle   Milk  producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Britney Christian - 4 Songs on "All or Nothing"  MillionDollarTears producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Drea Gunness - EP  Elicit  producing, writing, engineering, mixing
24E - Stagger to Wind Jupiter Records producing, engineering, mixing
Walker - "So Deep" Maxi-single   Elicit  producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Christina Aguilera - "Hello" Mercedes Commercial single   producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Christina Aguilera - "I Will Be" Dirrty B-side RCA  producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Christina Aguilera - Intro & Interlude from "Stripped" RCA  producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Christina Aguilera - "Soar" from Stripped RCA  producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Matthew Kennedy - EP Elicit  producing, writing, engineering, mixing
The Red West - "Peace On Earth" Immortal producing, engineering, mixing
The Randies - At The Friendship Motor Inn  MRI/Elicit producing, engineering, mixing
The Randies - Women at Work Sing  GCG  producing, engineering, mixing
The Randies - Of Hands and Hearts Integrity producing, engineering, mixing
New Maximum Donkey - Spirit of the Donks   MRI/Elicit producing, engineering, mixing
Christina Aguilera - "Obvious" from Christina Aguilera RCA  producing, writing, engineering, programming
Bernadette Moley - All I Want  GCG  producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Quincy Jones - Q's Jook Joint  WB  engineering, programming
Quincy Jones - From Q With Love   Qwest/WB engineering, programming
No Secrets - Comes Back single B-side  Jive  producing, writing, engineering, mixing
No Secrets - "No Secrets", "Hot" from No Secrets Jive   producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Suzy K. - Circle (3 tracks)   Vellum  producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Suzy K. - "Circle" Single and Remix   Vellum  producing, writing, engineering, mixing, remixing
Goldbrickers - "1600 Miles" Album   Artisan  mixing
Lisa Barbuscia - Telling Tales  GCG  producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Joe Cocker  - "On My Way" Virgin  engineering
Michael Jackson - HIStory  album Epic  engineering, programming, guitar
Michael Jackson - HIStory World Tour Epic  engineering, programming
Michael Jackson - "Ghost" short film Epic  engineering, programming
Michael Jackson - HBO Special  Epic/HBO engineering, programming
Michael Jackson - Blood on the Dancefloor  Epic  engineering, programming
Michelle Crispin - "Superstar" Lovegroove  producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Michelle Crispin - Virgin Voices II Cleopatra producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Michelle Crispin - Platinum Girl Cleopatra producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Primitive Machines - Lower than Angeles GCG  Mastering
Bertine Zetlitz  - "Apples and Diamonds" Nettwerk remixing
Rene Moore/Sylke Fyne - "When You Want Me To"  Palm producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Hole - Celebrity Skin  Geffen  engineering
Sheryl Crow - "Live From Central Park"  A&M  engineering
Buckcherry - Buckcherry  Dreamworks  engineering
Less Than Jake - Pez Collection Musicarama engineering
Hope Floats  Soundtrack    Capitol  engineering
New Radicals  - "The Music In You" RCA  engineering
Tetsuyo Kumoro/Yumi Amuro - "Present"   remixing
Barry White - Power Universal engineering
Johnny Rivers - Blue Suede Blues Soul City  engineering
Paul Westerberg - Suicane Gratification Vagrant  engineering
Orlando - Predators Game Music  sound Design
Thin Lizard Dawn - EP RCA  producing, engineering, mixing
Bare Bones - Mind, Body & Soul Monster Music engineering, programming


Deadfiles - audio editor

HBO Real Sports - engineering, mixing

HBO Boxing After Dark - engineering, mixing

HBO Boxing 24/7 - engineering, mixing

Entanglement - engineering, mixing

Trailers and Promos for ABC TV - writing, programming, mixing

Big Breakin' short film - writing, mixing

Dream House (ADR with Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, Naomi Watts) engineering

Beverly Hills 90210 "Kaleidoscope Machine" producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Grey's Anatomy "Love to Me"    ABC  producing, writing, engineering, mixing
One Life to Live  "Together" Prom Night   ABC  producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Women's Murder Club "Nobody Knows Me" theme  ABC  producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Psyche   Theme Song "I Know, You Know" Universal/USA engineering, mixing
Rize   "Soar" movie, soundtrack, and trailer EMI/Forster producing, writing, engineering
Kiss of the Dragon "Adore You" movie and soundtrack Immortal producing, writing, engineering
Honey   "Soar" trailer    RCA  producing, writing, engineering
Pursuit of Happyness" "Soar" trailer    RCA producing, writing, engineering
Three Wishes Promo "Soar"     RCA producing, writing, engineering
Fighting the Odds" "Soar"     RCA producing, writing, engineering
VH-1 GLAAD Media Award"Soar"    VH-1 producing, writing, engineering
Tyra Banks  "Soar"     RCA producing, writing, engineering
Dragonfly TV  "Soar     RCA  producing, writing, engineering
Without a Trace  "Stay"     CBS  producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Real Word Wedding "Superstar"    MTV producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Who Wants to Marry My Dad "All I Want"   MTV producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Beyond Chance  "All I Want  producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Carmen & Dave  "All I Want"    VH-1 producing, writing, engineering, mixing
She Spies  "You're So L.A." producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Roswell "Lucky"  producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Related "All Will Be Forgotten"   WB producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Driven "Obvious”    VH-1/RCA producing, writing, engineering
American Idol  "Obvious"    ABC  producing, writing, engineering, mixing
All My Children  "Nobody Knows Me", "Here We Are"   ABC producing, writing, engineering, mixing

Brat Camp  "Pure Temptation" , "Nobody Knows Me", "I Need Your Love"  ABC  producing, writing, engineering, mixing

General Hospital "Together" , "I Need Your Love"   ABC producing, writing, engineering, mixing

One Life to Live  "Pure Temptation"   ABC producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Jack and Bobby  "Girl's in the House", "The Way it Goes" the Randies producing, writing, engineering, mixing

Laguna Beach  "Boyz in Stereo" the Randies  Elicit producing, engineering, mixing
Extreme Makeover "I Need Your Love"   ABC producing, writing, engineering, mixing
The Sentinel Series   UPN  engineering
Bonbini Beach  "I Will Be"  RCA producing, writing, engineering, mixing


Milk  "Milk Rocks"  MillionDollarTears producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Pepsi "Da Da Da" featuring Christina Aguilera and Elissa  mixing
Mercedes  "Hello"   Mercedes/BMG producing, writing, engineering, mixing
Got 2 Be  jingle   producing, writing, engineering, mixing
IRT  music for the entire season campaign  Nappi/Eliran  writing, engineering, mixing


2K Sports - WWE14 dialog editing, mixing

THQ - WWE13   mixing

Disney/Buena Vista - Turok mixing

Def Jam/Electronic Arts - Def Jam Vendetta engineering

Rob Hoffman


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